Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mid-May, Might Be Marvelous!

This is a story of one popular person. It is being told by him a few years ago, but as i can to know now, i'm sharing it with you.

That's a picture of my(person) dog, Freddy, standing on frozen Lake Superior a couple of months ago. In the distance, you can see ice-fishing-tent/houses. Now it's July, and the ice is gone. But as you can see, Freddy is looking into the sun and into the future, towards the warmer time of year.

At Pierce & Piszczek, warmer weather means we are busier than ever! Our store has been host to 2 student recitals, an Art Crawl, and the biannual meeting of the Piano Technician's Guild. We had a store full of pianists and parents, artists, and piano tuners on 3 consecutive days!

I was particularly proud of how our store performed as a student recital venue. Angela Tengesdal's students performed in duets, sometimes one-piano-4-hands, and sometimes 2 pianos. The seats were all filled, many parents were standing in back, the students were able to play on a brand new C2X grand piano by Yamaha (shameless plug) and the ambiance was everything we could have wished.

We hope to host more such recitals in the future. There is nothing better than seeing children and adults show the fruits of their labors, using great instruments, performing in a great acoustic to a "sold-out" house!

I bet you didn't think this posting was going in that direction after looking at that picture, eh?

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