Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mistakes: Makes Us Learn For Better Ourselves.

          Mistakes simply show us something that we didn't already know. Hmm... It sounds like those dreaded mistakes that we're so afraid of... and those dreaded mistakes that we try so hard to avoid... don't really have to be looked at as dreaded mistakes and painful experiences after all.

          We can view our mistakes through a different lens and now see a friendly, lovable mentor, or a caring, patient teacher, or maybe even a wise and winning coach that is just trying to point something out to us that we need to know, but don't already know.

          So I guess it would be beneficial for all of us to change our paradigm of mistakes from one of a foe to one of a friend. Changing this paradigm though will require one to control their thoughts. Thoughts become things. Negative thoughts put us in closer proximity to negative things.

          The good news is that we can avoid this negativity trap by just changing or model or paradigm of what mistakes really mean to us. We must control our thoughts. We must believe that mistakes are an old wise mentor pointing out a few things that we don't know yet. This new way of looking at mistakes pushes us into taking action and helps us stop small mounds of trouble from growing into massive mountains of misery.

          We can avoid the Mt. Everest shadow from over-taking us by just being grateful for the small mistakes that we make today. Those small mistakes of today are just pointing out some small things that we don't already know while simultaneously helping us avoid the big, ugly, and nasty mistakes lurking in the shadows of tomorrow.

          Now moms, go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Remember, mistakes are our friends because they just simply show us some things that we didn't already know. So let's control our thoughts and remember that mistakes are good because they teach us many valuable lessons. And once again, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do...

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

What is Beautiful : Everything is Beautiful.

Have you ever wondered what is really beautiful? Let me take you to a tour of what is really beautiful.

When a Mother and her two twins child are playing on a beach in the evening then you will say wow.. It's beautiful.

When a Father and her daughter are playing in the garden and father is saying to his daughter let's go, but daughter is saying 10 more minutes please dad and father says okay, then you will say wow.. It's beautiful.

When a couple is enjoying their weekend with their child on a hill station and then you will say wow.. It's beautiful.

When a grandfather, father and his child are playing together in the garden which is full of awesome flowers and that by seeing that you will say wow.. It's beautiful.

When two sisters are sitting together on a bench and sharing their problems, supporting each other and smiling together then you will say wow.. It's beautiful.

When you open your social site in mobile and suddenly you see picture of a person with whom you are not in touch with for long time then you will say wow.. It's beautiful.

When you are standing in the balcony of 16th floor flat and you see natural beauty then you will say wow.. It's beautiful.

When you are wondering on a street and you see suddenly it's started raining and due to that everything looks differently awesome and also you see a rainbow in the sky then you will say wow.. It's beautiful.

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