Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It all begins with a small step

        “Do you remember the first time we met?” she asked. “Of course, I do it was at Agra the shoe factory.” He replied. We were created never to part ways, as one completes the other. We started off our journey from a shop front. A twenty something boy in navy jeans looked at us and it was love at first sight. Aditya made the first move when he put on those pair of shoes and saw himself transforming into a man that he wanted to be. The mirrors around him reflected that change, which could only be understood by those black canvas shoes. The mirrors and the mosaic applauded silently! Since then we have travelled with Aditya. We have seen him get drunk in love with a girl, play football on his computer. The foot stomping at a rock concert, the dejected walk from a defeat and the leap of faith at a victory! Been there done that.
         Together we came to know that it is not the end that we wait for; rather it is the journey which brings along all the experiences. A cauldron full of truth, love, despair and happiness. That is how we made it this far!
He never gave up and we never gave up on him. We always had faith. That is how we reached this far. The road to success was never easy.
         It was the day of the Conclave 2015. Aditya was a celebrity speaker there he looked out at the crowd of five thousand people. His walk from the wing should be perfect; he looked down at his shoes. They were ready. The left shoe looked at its right, smiled “Remember the first time we met?”, as Aditya walked onto the podium to tumultuous applause.

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