Friday, February 20, 2015

In the Chapter of life,who knows next leaf is full of surprises.

Billu was a small artwork shop owner in the street of village Tomahd. He had legacy of making tribal art on glass pieces. By assiduously working and burning the midnight oil, he managed to make both ends meet for his ménage. He had a dream of opening a big shop so that he can employ other people of village.
On a effervescent day, sun kissed the street market and weather was such that it was tranquillizing the minds. When Billu was lightning the lamp in front of lord Ganesha, a lady thronged in and started clicking photographs like paparazzi. She was in casuals but looked chic .When Billu enquired, she said ,”These are out of world designs.” Billu was showing her masterpieces and she was gingerly scrutinizing each design and interviewed Billu with her curious questions. She wrote something on notepad. Each art piece had modicum border work and had deep social message in it. The art pieces warmed cockles of her heart and to Billu’s amusement she bought about 50 pieces.
(Few months later)
A letter came to Billu’s shop.
Dear Billu,
I am the crazy photographer lady who visited your shop some months back. I am writing to inform you that I used you designs in my fall clothing line and these designs have won accolades from worldwide. I have enclosed a cheque of 25,00000 for your work and government is going to give you International Recognition soon .
Look Billu ,How the stars shine for you now!!
Netsua Creations
Billu has a big art work store today with national and international clients. His shop is million dollar enterprise today employing about 250 people from his village. His story was published in many news-columns nationwide.

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