Wednesday, February 18, 2015

True Self

‘True self ‘ when I say this what comes to your mind ?
 is it your image, your personality, your thoughts or the way you act.
What decides us to say that “   this is my true self  ? ”
is it the way we look or the way we act?...
 And how many of us know ourselves well enough ??, Well the answer would be few.
For example, when we are asked  questions  like  “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”
Though the question appears to be easy but the moment we start looking for answers it becomes difficult to find it and why’s that?
Don’t we know about our own self well enough to answer this question in just few seconds??... the real reason for that is that we don’t spend  time in knowing about ourselves, knowing what we like and what we don’t. Has it ever occurred to you to sit in a quite place and think about what you are and what you aspire to be , what you want from life and how can you achieve it . You may think that it appears to be lonely but I think that lonely hours are the best hours to know one self. I am not saying to just sit alone all the time… nope , not at all. But what I wanted to say is  that why not give ourselves few minutes each day to know about our own self more and in a better way so that in future we are ready to move ahead with our own goal and aspirations and not what our friends or others are doing or want to do.
After all knowing about your self is the best way to discover what  you  are good at and succeed in it.
Think different, be different and act different.

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