Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Real Image

       I am guy who is straight forward and care for things all around me even if it is a plant or my pet animal. When I was in my PG doing my 1st semester there was an incident which taught me what life is and what people’s attitude towards their close friends is.
Once there was a situation where we have to select our electives.
     From our class only I was interested in Hardware and Networking administration and all others were interested in Compiler Design and Data-Mining. I was the class representative so the department was considering my choice as final decision. Since I know no one other than me was interested in H/W and N/W administration I told them I don’t want to force them for my passion so you can offer the elective what they have offered.
       So they offered it and everything was going good but when we saw the performance of the elective subjects I was getting good grades than students who had really opted for it. What My class students did was they gave negative feedback for me stating that since I was more interested into data-mining, Compiler Design I opted for those electives for entire class.
      That day I realized what a big mistake I have done by caring for others by my heart. I promised myself never be your true-self for those who don’t deserve it.Be true only to yourself, parents and the almighty. Even the mirror won’t show your true image until it has to reflect all the light rays which can be possible only if the surface is smooth. We can’t expect everyone to be true to us. But we can be true to people who are true to us

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