Sunday, October 16, 2016

What do you see?

I recently came to know a story about listening to life with his grandson. They sat together, eating M&Ms. After a handful or so, the little guy started staring at one of the candies.

“What do you see?” the grandfather asked.

“Well, I see an M,” the boy said. He turned the candy slowly around about a quarter of a turn.

“Now I see a 3,” he said, and turned the candy again.

“And there’s a W,” he said, turning the candy.

“And look! There’s an E,” he told his grandfather. “And that’s all,” he said, and popped the candy in his mouth.

Amazing, isn’t it, what you can see when you just change your perspective a little bit. As little as a quarter turn in your viewpoint can open up a whole new world for you, can’t it?

Whatever you’re looking at in your life, turn it towards God and see it from God’s perspective. A whole new way of listening to life and making a life, not just a living is waiting for you when you do!