Tuesday, February 17, 2015


        I remember my childhood. School was eight miles from our village and we had not many options for travelling this distance. Either through bus service, or through sailing the Chambal river. The bus fare was rs. 13 and thus it was meant for only rich guys. Though dicey, we had to choose later option. It was Mohan Kaka, who sailed us through river and I still remember the lines, he used to sing while sailing “Wo path kya pathik safalta kya, jis path me bikhre shool na ho.. Aur navik ki dhairya kushalta kya, jab dharae pratikool na ho.!”.
          I was in tenth standard and my final exams were going on. The day, I had my Mathematics exam, our village witnessed one of the heaviest rainfall ever. Cloud bursts, strong winds, threatening thunderstorms and rashing blizzard lashed our village and caused flooding of river Chambal. It became next to impossible for me to reach school and the moment I was about to lose the hope, it was Mohan Kaka who gave hand to me. He became synonym to god for me. Without even caring of his own life, he sailed me to school through alluvioning Chambal.
           That day, I learnt the most important lesson of my life. Life is not about living for personal interests, it is about giving. Life is about scarifying, selfless and generous living. It is nothing else, but the attitude to live for others, which brings mental peace. Life is about exploring Mohan Kaka, hidden in each one of us. The nitty-gritty and complexities of the topsy turvy way of life can only be solved by the feeling of helping others, by looking to someone smiling and knowing that the reason behind that smile is you. Tribute to all life shapers like Mohan Kaka.

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