Saturday, March 21, 2015

A poetry on Narcisssim , for the Instagram loving generation. True Art against Likes.

Painter Performer Pleaser

A random thought...on who we are. The selfie loving generation...
We are so obsessed with our selves that we might even ask Charon for a Facebook feedback.
If art is used just as a medium of flattery it loses its value.
Never mind. This story is about Michael not Michelangelo.

A soulful painter who became a performer then just a flamboyant pleaser..

Painter Performer Pleaser

Rustic brushes unrefined art, puerile, yet a true heart.
Engraved on the cave walls, red, these colours sprawl.
His petroglyph tells the stories, of man and his glories.
Michael, the great recalls.
Came fame and fanatics, admirers if you would say,
They became his canvas, his soul was sold.
Cult and rage sublimed, yet the textures faded away,
The art ; cajoled.
Came his highness, a connoisseur.
Impressed he was with the artist.
So he jailed him as his courtier,
A sycophant; enslaved by an egotist.

The patrons left, came the pond,
Hubris or Nemesis we wouldn’t know.
Narcissus, for he drowned himself, he was fond,
Fond of his reflections on eau.
They say a flower bloomed, where he died,
Even heavens lamented, the loss of art.
He could have inspired, if he had tried.
Generations like Michelangelo at start. 
“Of all my great paintings and alluring portraits, what was my best?”
Asks Michael to Charon whilst he smiles and rows.
“Was it the one for the duke, or that painted damsel, in the land far west?”
He stops across Styx, then walks into a cave close.
Rustic brushes unrefined art, puerile, yet a true heart.
Engraved on the cave walls, red, his colours sprawled.
His best told the stories, of man and his glories.
Michael, the great now recalls….

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Silent During Whole Day

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Hello there!
Have you ever observed yourself or any other now a days. If not then let me tell you what you will find odd now a days. You will find that now a days most of the people usually can not remain silent for at least half an hour. They just want to say whatever whether it is worthy or not, they just want to say and wan to talk or giving advice. I'm not saying that a person should not talk too much, my intention is just that we should try to remain silent at least for one day.

I have read somewhere that try to remain silent for at least one whole day except answering direct question. Talk when someone ask you any question rather than just remain silent whole day. Don't say advice or talk with someone except it is required or anyone ask you a question or advice.

You will feel great and energized. Try this one time and share your experiences with other people about what happens or how do you managed to remain silent for whole one day. Share with people about how much difficulties you have faced, what changes you have observed in you or in anyone.

Let me share one of my experience with you about what happened actually with me on that day.
As i had decided that i need to remain calm and silent whole day except answering for the direct questions and that what i does. After half of the day had been passed, everything was going so good but suddenly one of my friend came to me and said that why are you so quite and not talking much. 

At that time that was the first change i had noticed and that was you have people around you who are observing you. I followed to remain quite and day was passing like everyday but something was different and that was i had saved a lot of energy that i was wasting everyday and as i had not wasted that energy, it kept me energized and excited. i found there were so many people around me who were just wasting their time and energy though that thing is not necessary and important.

Just try to remain quite at least for one day and observe people around, you will fond so many changes and ideas about how people are wasting their time and energy in unnecessarily things.

Thank for reading this article. Please share your ideas and thoughts with other people and write down your experiences in comment box given below.
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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

12 ways to detect if someone is lying to you!

1. The Eyes- Too much or too little.
2. The Throat- Lubricate throats by swallowing or clearing their throats.
3. The Head- Nod or shake head.
4. The Nose- Touch noses.
5.The Mouth- Touch or cover mouth, will purse lips
6. The Expression- Distress, eyebrows will furrow upwards, lines in forehead
7. Breathing- Breath faster
8. Repetition- Repeating same phrases or facts, emphasize again
9. Voice- Faster pace
10. Details- Exaggeration of details
11. hands- Scratching nose, touching lips, clenching fists
12. Body-  Lean or move away from other person.