Tuesday, March 03, 2015

12 ways to detect if someone is lying to you!

1. The Eyes- Too much or too little.
2. The Throat- Lubricate throats by swallowing or clearing their throats.
3. The Head- Nod or shake head.
4. The Nose- Touch noses.
5.The Mouth- Touch or cover mouth, will purse lips
6. The Expression- Distress, eyebrows will furrow upwards, lines in forehead
7. Breathing- Breath faster
8. Repetition- Repeating same phrases or facts, emphasize again
9. Voice- Faster pace
10. Details- Exaggeration of details
11. hands- Scratching nose, touching lips, clenching fists
12. Body-  Lean or move away from other person.

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