Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Life is to Enjoy not to Stress.

Man was walking on the road with his son.
Suddenly it started raining.
Man started running and stood below shop to keep away from the rain.
Whereas on the other side, child took off his bag and started enjoying the rain.
He was running here and there to feel the drops of the rain.
Man looked at him and felt relaxed.
He then took off his coat and started enjoying the drops of rain.
He felt so relaxed and forgot all his stress and tensions of work.

In the same manner we almost forgot the beautiful and delicious in front of us.
Sometimes it is good to forgot all your stress and tensions and enjoy the life that you have.
If you get up in the morning thank god for giving another beautiful day so that you can enjoy it not to waste it.
Make other people happy and always have a decent smile on your face.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Still It's his fault not her.

She asked him out and he said yes.
She asked his favor and he said yes.
She asked his help and without taking any second he said yes.
She hurt him and he didn't say anything.

He asked her and after so much excuses she said yes.
He asked her favor and showing attitude she said yes.
He asked her help and showing ego she had done very little.
He didn't hurt her but still she said it's all his fault.

Monday, April 25, 2016

#Equality Bodh2


Man was sitting alone on a chair.
Suddenly a thought flash in his mind.
If the terrorist attack over here, how will I save everybody.
He then thinking himself as a savior who is fighting back to the terrorist and saving people.
And finally he visualize himself as saving the people.

Woman was sitting alone on a chair.
Suddenly a thought flash in her mind.
If I will go to shopping what will I buy.
She them thinking herself buying branded clothes and looking pretty.

And finally she visualize herself as a Princess.

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