Friday, July 24, 2015

Are you making a life?

Have you ever been so tired that all you wanted to do was sit and zone out in front of the TV? Too worn out to concentrate, you really don't watch anything but spend all your time channel surfing. After about a half-hour of this, you're so exhausted all you can do is stagger off to bed or, worse, don’t make it that far but fall asleep in the recliner. 

Have you ever settled down in your favorite chair with your favorite beverage, your favorite snack, and your favorite magazine, all ready—and you've earned it—to enjoy a little quiet time; only to have a short visitor show up with these big eyes, an impish grin, and say, "Mommy, would you read me a book?" or "Daddy, would you play catch?" or your spouse with a “How was your day, honey?” Now, which helps you make a life: a half-hour with glossy pages about baseball or beauty aids, or a half-hour with a snuggly child perched in your lap or with a budding All-Star in the back yard or spent talking with your spouse? 

Now I know it’s easier to channel surf or read a magazine, but listen to life today for what God has to say and make a life, not just a living.

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