Friday, June 19, 2015

you loose hope, you loose the war!

Of late, I have resumed my Gym activities – yet again, for the umpteenth time. And yet again, I promised myself to use the Gym for the entire tenure I have paid for. I just hope my lapses in Gym Schedule don’t happen – yet again :p At least for now, I am regular and trying to forget the satisfying pain in my muscles, with the hope that I will attain the coveted title – of a fit person.
Today however, my experience was a little different – similar to Buddha attaining enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree, only my Bodhi Tree was a machine where in I could exercise my legs with considerable pressure :p (For the Gym freaks – it was the Leg Curl Machine, with 70 pounds pegged for weights). As I was resting, in between my repetitions at the machine; I was glad and secretly very proud that I was able to pull in the weights, albeit my legs were complaining loud enough to dispel any proud feelings ;) But it was a rare moment of insight – I was surprised to discover that it was me myself who pushed my body to pain, and yet I was very happy about the outcome. (though the results apart from the pain in my legs is yet to show up)
I realised that we are our own rivals when it comes to progress – we are scared of the journey; scared of the pain; scared of the hardships we will have to endure to achieve the goal we want. The journey will be definitely be long, and the path definitely murky. On top of which, we will have to push ourselves to that pain. Nobody else can make us do it. Ofcourse, the gym trainer will come and direct me to increasing the weights, and ofcourse, I could just ignore him and take the easy way out. The result? I lose. Perhaps that is the key take away – We need to push ourselves to achieve greater success, and along the way take any corollary pain in our stride and keep our eyes on the goal.
Yes, it would be tough to forget the pain and be focussed only on the goals. But guess what, life also allows us to have little joys in life along the way – only we need to recognise them. Trust me, nothing beats the “happy hormones” after an excruciating work out. But to keep going at it, everyday, every minute inspiring yourself – that is completely a different story. You lose focus, you lose hope, you lose the war. The gym still gets the money and you earn yourself only some regret.
Just like somebody status on Whatsapp read today – “There are two types of players in the world. The ones who  keep their nerves in control and win…and those who don’t
I hope I find the encouragement in me to push myself to the gym tomorrow too. Fingers X. :D

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