Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Opportunity Knocks Once - Make use of your opportunity!!!

Hello, I came across this story, felt really inspiring to me, so thought of sharing to you.

Once there was a rich Old Man in a village. He had an only daughter and was about to look out for finding a right partner for her. As he was growing old and wanted to see her daughter getting married and hand over all his possessions to a right bride. He started off with his mission, to call out all young people in his village, and gave them an open Challenge, for marrying his daughter.

Many youngsters in the village were very excited to hear about the challenge and tried their level best to get shortlisted for the challenge. Finally, after lot of scrutiny, one courageous young guy had passed all the challenge and finally was called for the Final Challenge. So his final chance to beat the Challenge for taking his daughter as his wife and to take hold of all his possession, is to catch hold of buffalo tail, when he finds it. Quite Simple is it? Let see what happened?

The day as come, where the guy needs to complete and complete his challenge. The Rich Old man greeted the guy and told him the instructions for him to listen carefully. Rule 1: He will have three chances to complete this challenge, Rule 2: There will be 3 Buffalos will be released one by one & Rule 3: he needs to sit on top of the buffalo and catch its tail. The guy was very energized and felt it is very easy to win this challenge and eagerly waited for the first door to open.

All eyes in the villages are keen on the young guy & looking keen to see if he can win this challenge. Time has come, the first door had opened, and the guy was eagerly waiting to face his first chance to complete his challenge, here comes a Buffalo with more than 100 tons of weight and going near its highly impossible, within a fraction of second, the buffalo went passing him. He was quite disappointed, and he thought he has two more chances to win the challenge. The Door opened again, here comes the second one, which is bigger than the earlier and it was 1000 tons of weight and it passed by within a fraction of second.

The Old Man asked, my Son you have missed two chances, what’s your stand?  Young man replied, I have one more Chance, let me face it!! All eyes were again on him, and eagerly looking, whether he can win the challenge in the last chance. Young man was also keen to look forward the third door to open, and he said to himself, what come may, I will dare to lose my life to win this challenge. The third door opened & his eyes was on the door, finally his last chance, the third buffalo was out and he can’t believe his eyes, it’s totally different unlike the other two, very skinny and he ran with all his might, jumped on top of the buffalo and saw behind, the buffalo had no TAIL.

Friends, the young man thought he had three chances, so he missed all two chances and felt he will make use of the final chance to win the challenge. But who knows, the third chance might not be the one, which will help him to win. So don’t miss your opportunity and remember as the old proverb says, Opportunity knocks once. Make use of the opportunity given and show your best!!

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