Friday, March 28, 2014

Win People Over!

As someone who communicates for a living, you’d think that I’d be really good at it.
But, while I’m effective at getting my message across in writing, I could definitely improve in other areas, if I want to get people on side.
That’s why I really liked “Adversaries into Allies” (premium members only) by Bob Burg. This book looks at how we can win people over with integrity and good manners.
As part of this, it highlights how better communication helps us build good relationships and avoid misunderstandings. I especially liked Burg’s advice on how to ask for clarification when we need to understand people’s needs more effectively.
There are many other tips and strategies on how to win people over in this book. Learn more about it in our premium members’ Book Insight.

Enjoying NOW!

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I’ve just spent a couple of hours picking up emails, checking social media, and organizing my busy schedule.
Earlier, during my commute, I reflected on the morning so far, I thought about the day ahead, and I planned my To-Do List.
Until recently, this describes the way I generally lived my life. It was rare that I took the time to focus on the present moment and appreciate what I was doing or experiencing… until I started practicing mindfulness (members only).
When we develop mindfulness, we stop thinking about the past or the future, and we focus on the here and now. Studies show that this habit helps us improve our physical and emotional health, our relationships at home and at work, and our career.
So, how do you practice mindfulness? Find out in our article.

Dealing With Angry People

Posted by James Manktelow 
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© iStockphoto/AZ68
None of us want to deal with angry people, and it’s upsetting to be the target of someone else’s fury – particularly if it isn’t justified!
This can lead us to reject the other person or get angry ourselves. Unfortunately, this can aggravate the situation, or, worse, leave us seeming to be the cause of the problem ourselves.
Read this article to learn how to deal with other people’s anger. This is an important life skill, and it’s one that you’ll often find useful.