Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Why Someone Ask The Question That We Hate??

It's another beautiful day of life when you are going to learn something new. We learn something new on everyday. So, just be patient and happy and live life with desire.

It is a story shared by one person who had his birthday and something happened which he had never dream of!!! Whoa, he said that on his 34th birthday something happen which he can never forget. His best friend ask him the question that was quite unpredictable and asked on the wrong time and occasion. He added that the hurt from your best friend is the second most bad thing that could happen to you and that affects in two way. One is that it will hurt you and second is that you will also lose your friend. Now let's come to the situation that he described happened on his birthday.

According to the person when he was working in one company everything was going quite well until one day when he was given two choices and he need to make one choice. Whatever he choice he made that will affect him from the next day itself. He said that some years ago when he was working he had been harassed by some one and when he complained about it to the higher authority in first place they said that they will look over it and do something but they did nothing. Then after about a week later they gave him two choices that will affect him from the next day itself. One choice is to forget what happened and continue his job like nothing happened and the second choice was that he quit the job. He took some time to think and then he choose first choice. He continue with his job and then everything was going quite well.

He said that on his 34th birthday his friend ask him a question that ''why didn't he quit the job?''. He had hardly forgot everything and trying to live with peace. But the question from his friend made him to remember those tough memories again. He didn't answer the question and just go away from him. He also said that the pain that your best friend give is the second most painful memory that you would have.

So, always support your friend whom you value and never ever hurt them or if you hurt due to some reason then apologize immediately. Thank you reading this article!!!
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