Tuesday, February 09, 2016

A Leaf From One's School Diary!!!

     School days however uneventful always has a special locker within our hearts. The people we met, the people who guided us, the innumerable heavy subjects that we somehow managed to lift!! That place definitely changed us and has a vital role in making what we are today!!

       To those of who do not know My school... Udyogamandal school, the brain child of the visionary, Late Mr. M K K Nair, earlier CMD of FACT, is affiliated to ICSE board.

       Having studied there for 12 long years... This place definitely had a role in moulding me into the person I am!! So, by the time I left I knew how much I was going to miss this place.. Because it had been ingrained into my blood and its memories shall never perish!!

        Yet, as I entered into that building again after quite a few years... I felt so detached and misfit... The place had been recently renovated... It had been repainted... The cemented floors had been replaced with shiny white tiles... Quietly I admired the divine splendour that the cheap but cemented floors bore!!

I couldn't recognize the place.. All my memories were so attached to the place that I once knew!! The place had new students, new teachers.. The faces that seemed familiar were few!!

I felt like being lost in a once known land that suddenly became strange and unknown!!

       May be all these were my inertia to change!! Or is it inherently embedded in the human nature to not to change.. Even when changes are for good.. Human reflex is to say no to change!! Most of us are afraid to change... Is there anyone who've not thought- Would the change grab away everything I have now?? -

Have u got any idea as to why!! If so do enlighten me!!

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