Monday, January 26, 2015

Hope Has Wings!

“I’m of no use. I can’t even support my family well enough. Oh Lord! Please have mercy!” Rudra heard his father weeping from the other room. He was the only child of his parents. His father was a farmer, his mother – a homemaker. It had been a tough time for the family as the monsoon hadn’t been fair enough and their whole ranch had been destroyed. 
“Don’t worry dear. Everything will be fine one day. Just have hope!” His mum was consoling his dad. Though the lingering poverty, his parents made sure that Rudra was able to get good education. Rudra felt terribly bad that he wasn’t able to pay off for his parent’s sacrifice.  He desperately wanted to help. He lay down on the floor, trying to get some sleep.
The next morning Rudra woke up at the crow of the rooster and saw his father engrossed in painting – something he loved to do and did regularly. It was a kind of get-away from his tensions. “It’s long for your school to start. Get some good sleep!” said an astonished father. Just then something struck Rudra. He went and sat besides his dad and held one of the several paintings that his dad had already made he said “Dad, do you know you’re the best artist we’ve got in the village! Couldn’t we use your talent to fetch us some money?”
“What are you talking about, son?”
“The town fair is up in the next week. I can frame up all the paintings and we could sell them!”
“But who would buy these rustic paintings? They aren’t modern enough!”
“Trust me dad. They’re more than marvellous!”
Seeing the sparkle of hope and excitement in his eyes his father eventually agreed.
Rudra worked day and night the entire week framing all the paintings. Finally the day arrived. Rudra and his dad bid bye to his mum and set off for the town.
It was a three day fair. Although the first day witnessed a low response; something special happened the next day. While Rudra was busy attracting buyers far away; his father was at the stall when his paintings caught the eye of a well established builder.
“How can I help you, Sir?”
“I have been searching for some great paintings for the past few months for my upcoming project and seeing your paintings I’m just awestruck! Every bit of your art screams perfection! I would like to sign a contract with you for all my future projects should you continue delivering these awesome pieces. ”
Not being able to believe what he just heard Rudra’s father simply said, “I’d be honoured, Sir!”
He was more than indebted to his son for having believed in his talent more than he did. Soon the days turned and the family lived a happy and satisfied life.
Moral: We all have got that spark within us. The only need is to recognize and believe it.

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