MPT here stand for Meditation and Positive Thinking

         Some time after I started reading about positive thinking, I came across the idea of meditating as another tool to achieve freedom from negative thoughts. I had never tried to meditate before, and while it sounded very attractive, it didn't feel like an easy thing to do.

I read information about meditating on the internet, and got myself a couple of books with guided meditation CDs. I learned about mantras, focusing on the breath, and different techniques to meditate.

          So I started meditating - a few minutes here and there, then aiming for half an hour. However, every time I meditated I found it difficult to "be still", and I would soon be lost in thought. I got to say to myself, "I cannot meditate".

But I was aware of the benefits of meditation and positive thinking, so I kept on looking for a tool (a program, a book, a CD...) which would help me meditate for once and for all. That is how I came across first the Quantum Mind Power program and later on Holosync.

          I used both programs for quite some time, reaping benefits, and then I abandoned meditation as a daily practice. Somehow it fell aside, I suppose because of having achieved its purpose at the time.

One afternoon, years later, I felt a call to meditate out of the blue. I remember clearly standing around in the dining room and feeling an urge to go to the garden to sit underneath the tree. I did that, not knowing exactly what for.

As I was sitting there, I noticed the fresh air. I noticed the clear light of the afternoon, announcing the summer. I noticed the birds singing and the noises that were going on.

          I closed my eyes, and I started to pay attention to my breath. A feeling of peace started invading me, and the more I noticed the peace, the larger it got. I remember feeling content, just happy to be there sitting and breathing, just happy to be aware.

I don't know how much time passed, but when I finally stood up and went into the house, I expressed my heartfelt intention of meditating daily again - knowing that this time I didn't need anything else than me.

At the time of writing I meditate daily or every other day, mainly at night, and sometimes here and there during the day. Meditation and positive thinking add to my life in more ways than I could have ever thought.

          Meditation and positive thinking combined can help you achieve a more relaxed way of living life. Follow the links in this page to find out more about each relevant aspect of meditation and its relationship with positive thinking.

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