Friday, July 03, 2020

Lisa Kudrow Vassar Commencement Speech - How To Find Your Reason?

Lisa Kudrow one of the famous and loved character from popular tv series Friends.

This Motivational Speech is about Finding Your Reason in life during her commencement speech at the vassar college. Lisa Kudrow talks about the incident which led her into starring on TV series Friends as Phoebe and how did she succeed.

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Monday, March 05, 2018

It was a little easier to help others during the holidays, wasn’t it?

Charles Shultz, creator of the "Peanuts" comic strip, died some years ago, but his comic strips live on. In one of my favorite “Peanuts” cartoons, Snoopy is shivering out in a snowstorm beside an empty food dish. He looks expectantly toward the house. Lucy comes out and says, "Go in peace, be warmed and filled!" Then she goes back into the house and slams the door. In the last frame, you see a confused Snoopy looking toward the house, still shivering and hungry and now, confused.

During the holidays, it was a little easier for you and me to help shivering, hungry people what with the “holiday spirit” and all. We got caught up in the season of giving. But it’s easier for us to slam doors now what with the decorations retired back to the basement or up in the attic.

Even though the holidays are over, warm and feed others today. When you do, the holidays—the season of giving’s holy-days spirit—live on. Just listen to life and make a life, not just a living today and you’ll discover more opportunities to keep the season alive than you ever imagined.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Story of a Mankind : Why we should be kind with everyone

It was dark night with heavy rainfall outside. Moon did not appear on that day. One mother who was going to give a birth to a child. It was a boy with shining eyes, like he had taken birth to do something good and change something. He has just taken birth and instead of crying he was laughing. No one had any idea that it was the time when something is going to change, Something better will happen.

The boy and mother both were good. All the family were sitting together and celebrating a child birth when suddenly a priest came in the hospital room where the child was born. He said that this child is not a ordinary person. He is going to save life of many people and going to spread peace in the world to help mankind live together. Then the priest just went with putting the whole confused and feared.

The mother started crying as she heard this but the boy was still looking happy like he knew what brings him to the earth. Mother life the boy and put him in her lap. Boy then closed his eyes and fell asleep. Mother was looking at the boy and smiling but worrying inside what the priest actually mean. She then try to be calm and patient and look at her husband but still with worried face. She said nothing but her husband understand that she was worried of what the priest said. He try to make her happy and let her mind divert to something else.

Husband gently move his hand on her head and make her relaxed. Mother again looked at boy by the time boy wake up with bright eyes and like making his mother feel relaxed and calm. 
Time passes. Everything was going quite well and everyone was happy until one night. After several years when boy started grew up something bad started happening around them. The night same as when boy take birth and also no moon on that day also, something strong light strikes on their city and everything started burning out there. Boy's parents were in house which was also burning. Boy go inside the house and saved life of his parents but he couldn't saved life of everyone around him. So, he felt sad and guilty about that for not saving life of everyone. His parents try to explain him that whatever happened it was not his mistake. But boy didn't understand and go somewhere far away from his home. His parents were worried about him but they can't find him. 

Coming to boy as he was away from his house he reached at a place which was quite beautiful. He there meet one priest who was looking at him and was coming towards him. He told boy that everything happens in life for a reason. He said that he knew what happened out there at his city. He also said that that was supposed to be happened so that something good can happen in future. He said to boy that he will help him to find what actually he is supposed to do. The priest said that he would live there for some days and he will himself find out. The boy agreed to stayed there. After couples of week passed but the boy still nothing found out so he went to the priest and asked his help. The priest again gave the same answer to be patient and calm and he will find out.

Then at on day the boy finally find it out from one book which was there but he didn't read it until then. He then started running to the priest to ask his permission to back to home and priest gave him permission with blessing. The boy started running and running and still running. The blood started to came out from his foot but he was still running. Finally after a long run the boy reached his city. He met his parents and everyone of that city. He apologise for run away from that situation. He told them that he find out what he is supposed to do.